Current Fellows


Jon Jackson

2015-2016 Visiting Fellow
Independent Scholar

"Are We What We Eat? A philosophy of anatomy."
Philosophy of Biology


Jon Jackson received his Ph.D in Anatomy and Cell Biology at the University of North Dakota. He did post-doctoral training at the Vanderbilt University School of Medicine in Nashville, TN then returned to teach at UND for sixteen years. In addition to his interest in teaching using radiological anatomy, Dr. Jackson is committed to doing research in the history of science and medicine and the public understanding of science.

His project webpage can be found here.

Mohammad Samin Kahn

2015-2016 Visiting Fellow
Assistant Professor of Philosophy

"Public Philosophy and Violence in the Muslim World. "
Social and Political Philosophy


Samin will be exploring the relationship between the Musliam and the Wsetern worlds, with special attention to the role of public philosophy in curbing violence. Instead of creating an online project, he will be taeching a course in the UND Department of Political Science and Public Administration titled "The Islamic World: Conflict and Engagement with the USA." An interview with him can be found here.
Samin Kahn is as Assistant Professor of Philosophy in the Department of Higher Education, Government of KPK, Pakistan. He is the author of more than three dozen popular articles and a book of postmodern Urdu poetry “Raaz”. He was born in northwest Pakistan. After graduating from Edwardes College Peshawar and finishing an MBA and a M.A. in philosophy, he pursued additional education in China, France and Thailand. He worked as a journalist for The Frontier Post, an independent, English-language, daily newspaper, published throughout the Muslim world. Samin describes it as the “most famous cold-war newspaper.” He was a journalist for the German Technical Cooperation Agency and then commissioned in Pakistani government service in 1999, during which he served as Assistant Director for international education projects of the tribal areas in the aftermath of 9/11.